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Wireless Power Bank – Carbon look Ash


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Optimized Charging for All Your Devices

With a solid base of carbon fiber and wrapped in hardwearing anodized aluminum around the perimeter, the Carbon Look Ash Woodie Power Bank is a handsome complement to your daily tech. The high-performance battery has no memory effect and supplies up to 36 hours of charging to your smartphone— both wirelessly and through regular USB cables. Four blue LED lights indicate the battery level at all times, whereas the built-in magnets ensure a seamless alignment with your smartphone. Your very favorite power bank.

Battery Capacity:
– 3700 mAh
– Micro-USB Input 5V / 2A

Qi Wireless charging:
– Output 5V / 1A
– Efficiency: Up to 78%
– Qi Wireless Charge (WPC 1.1)

USB Port:
– 5V / 1A Output

Included in the packaging:
– Power Bank
– Micro-Usb Cable
– Magnetic patch
– Mounting templates for iPhone X,
iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus,
Samsung S7, S8, S8Plus

Wood or Carbon-Fiber-Look
Anodized Aluminium

11 x 6,5 x 1,1 cm

18 x 10 x 3 cm

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