“A reliable partner for your brands in the Middle East”
Luxury Signature facilitates direct market access via its distribution network as well as strategic alliances with international brands such as Over Blue Yachts, Chando, Elegance, ect. Luxury Signature merits its place as a major player in the luxury business within the Middle East due to its“Unique focus on luxury brands and flair for brand building”

Playing a role of a representative or agent for brands in the region, Luxury Signature optimizes the opportunities and minimizes the risks. Aware of market requirements, we ensure maximum visibility and presence of brands through services dedicated to brand development.

The regional success of brands is attributed to:

  • Selecting a suitable network of retailers based on their market presence, reputation and market share
  • Dedicated customer support including training and merchandising
  • A complete distribution system including a centralized logistics platform
  • Defining business plans and executing feasible commercial and marketing strategies
  • Channeling brands through appropriate local networks
  • Implementation of key account management strategies
  • Ongoing market research and assessment of consumer preferences
  • Adapted commercial and operational marketing strategies
  • Providing administrative support and efficient follow up
Commitments:To ensure the long-term success of the brands it represents, the company’s commitments are:
  • To know the markets, trends, consumers and competition
  • Understand each brand and its positioning
  • Serve its brands with pride and its retailers with loyalty
Through its locally based office and its dedicated team in UAE, Luxury Signature applies its hands on expertise and market knowledge to maximize penetration and visibility of brands and “We aim to create a connection between the appeal of the brand and the aspiration of the customer”